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Our company were established at Hong Kong since 1983. With more than 30 years of experience in jewelry production, we are reputed as one of the best manufacturer in different aspects including quality control, delivery gurantee and value.


Our major product includes cultivated fresh water pearl jewelry, semi-precious stones and silver / gold findings. We also supply cultivated south sea pearls, tahitian pearls & diamond product per customer request.

Factory in China

At the same year of company establishment, our first factory was build in Shen Zhen. At that time, Shen Zhen is a small developing city in south east China. This is the moment Chinese government start adopting open policy to foregin direct investment and we are the first batch of invester who was able to catch up with it. This early adaptation provides us solid fundamentals to our manufacturing base in China.


During year 2002, our factory was moved northern from Shen Zhen to Dong Guan in hopes of providing larger places for expansions. Our factory grow from 50 workers to more than 300 workers and we start working with semi-precious stones in addition to pearls & diamonds.


Since then, we continue to improve our production quality by adopting mordernized management system. Our moral production processes, consistent quality control, accurate delivery schedule and extraordinary production effectiveness makes our company outstanding within this industries. And all these contribute to lots of important partnership all over the world. 



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